Ahn Bo-hyun X Jo Bo-ah, successful collaboration… Fierce confrontation with Oh Yeon-soo (Military Prosecutor Doberman)

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” Jo Bo-ah and Ahn Bo-hyun are one step closer to their parents’ revenge.

In episode 9 of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman“, which aired on April 4th, Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in cooperated to expose the truth of the landmine hero Won Ki-chun (Lim Cheol-hyung).

Yong Moon-goo (Kim Young-min), who heard from Noh Hwa-young that she had cut Won Ki-chun’s leg herself, passed out at that horror yet tried to control his expression and changed the focus of the conversation to Cha Woo-in. He reported that she was Cha Ho-cheol (Yoo Tae-woong)’s daughter.

Noh Hwa-young asked if he thought she did not know it and revealed that she had been watching since the day Cha Woo-in became a military prosecutor. In response to Yong Moon-goo’s advice to be careful, Noh Hwa-young said, “I’m actually worried about lawyer Yong. You’ve finally realized who Cha Woo-in is, haven’t you?”

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Yong Moon-goo responded by saying that he did not want to hear the title of a lawyer anymore, asking her to call him IM CEO. There was an unprecedented tension between the two, who tried not to show each other’s card.

In the meantime, Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in embarked on a detailed mutual assistance operation to deal with the monster Noh Hwa-young. They decided to hold a press conference with an eyewitness of the accidental shooting and sought decisive evidence in order to expose the truth of the landmine hero Won Ki-chun, who cheated on the public.

Do Bae-man went to the hospital where Won Ki-chun was hospitalized and pressured to find out who was behind it, revealing that there was a soldier who witnessed the accidental shooting and that he would reveal everything at the press conference. However, Won Ki-chun, who was not easily involved in Do-bae-man’s operation, immediately informed Noh Hwa-young of the press conference, adding tension to the drama.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

A press conference to reveal the truth about the DMZ mine explosion was held, but a crisis arose as Sergeant Koo, the only witness to give decisive testimony, was kidnapped by Won Ki-chun. Do Soo-kyung (Kang Mal-geum) successfully tied up reporters who were about to leave the scene of the press conference that rarely began.

Cha Woo-in, who left the unit with the help of Yoon Sang-gi (Go Geon-han) and Ahn Yu-ra (Kim Han-na), found the witness kidnapped by Won Ki-chun, and the atmosphere was reversed. In particular, in this scene, Cha Woo-in transformed into the alternate character “Red Woo-in” and performed a spectacular action to kill Won Ki-chun and his group at once by using a BB gun instead of a car wiper.

The press conference was held safely thanks to the cooperation of Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in. To reporters who do not believe the truth of the heroic story that was easily fabricated based on eyewitness testimony alone, Do Bae-man presented a bullet from the head of the search squadron commander who was shot by Won Ki-chun as decisive evidence. He proudly stated, “This incident is not just a self-made play by a landmine hero, but a preview for a huge gate.”

Military Prosecutor Doberman

In the meantime, Won Ki-chun, who was frightened by “Red Woo-in”, visited Noh Hwa-young and threatened her by mentioning a truck accident 20 years ago. In addition to Minister Lee Jae-sik (Nam Kyung-eup), military commander Hong Moo-seop (Park Yoon-hee), who lifted the disciplinary action of Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in, began to pressure Noh Hwa-young, putting her in a corner. However, Won Ki-chun, a dead body with a gunshot wound to the head, was found at the official residence, and his cause of death was presumed to be suicide, so the crisis was escaped.

However, Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in’s keen senses were activated. Doubting Noh Hwa-young’s reaction as she lowered her tail too easily, they assumed that she had cut off her tail. As a result, Noh Hwa-young, who was investigated as a testifier, and Yong Moon-goo, who accompanied her as her lawyer, faced Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in in the investigation room.

In the end, it was revealed that Noh Hwa-young was the one who shot Won Ki-chun and disguised himself as suicide. Leaving the investigation room, Yong Moon-goo told Cha Woo-in, “Now, the name IM will disappear forever. I’m going to change all the shadows of the past.” Cha Woo-in had a gut feeling that Yong Moon-goo knew about her identity.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

At the same time, in the ending of episode 9, the bad relationship in the past between Do Bae-man’s father and Hong Moo-seop was depicted, signaling that a new target was created for Do Bae-man and Cha Woo-in.

Meanwhile, episode 9 of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” recorded an average of 8.4% and a maximum of 10.1% in the metropolitan area as well as an average of 7.7% and a maximum of 9.2% nationwide. In terms of male and female 2049 ratings, it recorded an average of 2.7% and a maximum of 3.7% in the metropolitan area as well as an average of 3% and a maximum of 3.8% nationwide, maintaining the top spot in the same time slot. (Based on paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea)

Episode 10 of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” will air at 10:30 PM on April 5th.

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