Former “Running Man” member Gary denied hip hop duo Leessang’s reunion rumors

Rapper Gary denied rumors of a reunion of the hip-hop duo Leessang.


Gary revealed on March 26th through his Instagram story that the rumor was groundless, saying “Groundless News, Disbanded.”

His statement seems to have refuted the rumors of the reunion of Leessang, which has spread rapidly online since March 25th. Earlier on March  CC25th, an album cover was registered on the global music streaming platform Spotify and described as Leessang‘s 2022 release album “Switch.” In response, fans speculated that Leessang might release a new album to mark the 20th anniversary of its debut.


Meanwhile, Leessang, consisting of Gary and Gil, debuted in 2002 and released numerous hit songs such as “Clown,” “Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy,” and “I’m Not Laughing.”

Leesang stopped its activities after the release of its digital single “Kaleidoscope” in 2015.

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