After the scandal, Kim Seon Ho made a comeback for the first time as a cameo in Song Hye Kyo’s latest drama?

The observant audience discovered that Kim Seon Ho appeared in Now, We Are Breaking Up?

Kim Seon Ho was vindicated after a scandal that nearly cost him his career, but he hasn’t appeared publicly so far. Recently, he made an unintentional “cameo” appearance in Song Hye Kyo‘s Now, We Are Breaking Up. However, only the most eagle-eyed audiences can see him.

Kim Seon Ho cameo in Now We Are Breaking Up

In particular, in episode 6, Oh Sehun‘s character appeared at The One, with a shelf behind him displaying a few decorations. Although it is only a very small and blurred photo, the audience still recognizes Kim Seon Ho‘s image. This is a photograph taken by Kim Seon Ho for a magazine, and it’s possible that the crew “borrowed” it to decorate the office.

Kim Seon Ho’s appearance excites the audience, despite the fact that it has no significance in the drama. In fact, because this drama was made before Kim Seon Ho was in trouble, many people believe that SBS may have collaborated with him at the time. And perhaps he will appear alongside Song Hye Kyo in future episodes. 

Kim Seon Ho cameo in Now We Are Breaking Up

Audience comments:

  • Jang Ki Young enlisted at the end of August.  So this must have been filmed in July or August, at that time, Kim Seon Ho has not been caught in a scandal.  Maybe he did a real cameo in this drama, playing a star, that’s why his image was displayed in the office like that.
  • Ignoring Seon Ho’s picture, Sehun’s image is exactly the same as Seon Ho’s in Start Up
  • If Kim Seon Ho really appears, I will love SBS for life.
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