“Sisters on the Road”, starring Gong Hyo-jin and Shin Min-ah, to release its digital remastered version in theaters on September 22nd

“Sisters on the Road” has been digitally remastered to be released in theaters on September 22nd after its first screening at the 24th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival.

Director Boo Ji-young’s debut film “Sisters on the Road” is a road movie that depicts the journey of sisters Myung-joo and Myung-eun, who have different appearances, personalities, jobs and fathers, finding Myung-eun’s father, who disappeared a long time a go. Following the restoration and screening of “Take Care of my Cat” (2001), the upcoming 24th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival will showcase a special exhibition called “Restoration: Archive’s Loopholes”, which collects female directors’ important worlds that have been restored. “Sisters on the Road” by director Boo Ji-young was also included in the lineup this year.

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In an interview, Gong Hyo-jin said, “It’s so precious since it might be the last chance to watch ‘Sisters on the Road’ on the screen. When ‘Sisters on the Road’ is screened at the theater, I want to go watch it secretly”. Shin Min-ah also shared, “At the time of filming ‘Sisters on the Road’, I had a lot of passion for acting and wanted to show various aspects. One of them was the role of Myung-eun in ‘Sisters on the Road’”, expressing her joy in the release of the digital remastered version.

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“Sisters on the Road” will be screened for the first time at the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival and has been scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide on September 22nd.

Source: daum

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