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Fifteen years after “Lee San, Wind Of The Palace,” Lee Seo Jin x Han Ji Min’s relationship is more exciting than dating rumors

Have you ever seen the “Timid Master” Lee Seo Jin treat an actress so comfortably? 

Lee Seo Jin appeared on tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which aired on Nov 9th. The highlight of the episode was when he talked about “Lee San, Wind Of The Palace”. In 2008, “Lee San, Wind Of The Palace” received an explosive rating of 35.5%. As a result, their series was extended, and Lee Seo Jin, the main character, was offered a wage increase and a staff reward vacation. However, he said, “They did ask me, but I didn’t want to extend the show too much. I just thought I wouldn’t follow them under those conditions,” he said, causing laughter.

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At this time, Han Ji Min, who was also in “Lee San, Wind Of The Palace”, often showed off her outstanding chemistry with Lee Seo Jin. When Han Ji Min appeared as a guest on “Three Meals a Day” in 2017, Lee Seo Jin never stopped smiling. 

Such chemistry cannot escape the eyes of the production team. Writer Kim Dae Joo, who participated in the production at the time, said in an interview with OSEN, “I still can’t forget Lee Seo Jin’s dimples in reality while looking at Han Ji Min. I was so sorry because he seemed disappointed when we brought Jackson to the show before. Lee Seo Jin’s proposal of making her a fixed guest must have been sincere,” he said.

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We cannot skip Han Ji Min’s story at “Yoo Quiz on the Block.” When Yoo Jae Seok said, “Han Ji Min said, ‘Lee San to me is Lee Seo Jin,’” Lee Seo Jin immediately replied, “It’s more than 15 years ago. I’m really grateful to Han Ji Min, but even if she says so, I don’t actually think I’m Lee San. You are treating me too harshly,” he said with anger.

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In response, Han Ji Min appeared on “Three Meals a Day” and responded by posting the snippet clip that bothered Lee Seo Jin on her Instagram story. The subtitles, “Your misfortune is my happiness,” made the viewers laugh. If Lee Seo Jin had done SNS, he would have continued the bickering chemistry by reposting Han Ji Min’s post.

you quiz on the block

Lee Seo Jin and Han Ji Min’s tiki-taka is making fans more satisfied than an actual dating rumor.

Source: Daum

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