aespa Winter proves she’s a natural beauty by releasing a photo from 9 years ago

A photo from 9 years ago of aespa Winter (Kim Min Jung) is attracting attention. 

On October 11th, a photo titled “aespa Winter certified as a natural beauty” was uploaded to an online community. The photo shows a young Winter singing in a karaoke room with a friend, which was taken on February 2nd, 2013.

aespa winter

Winter, who was only 12 years old in the photo, is now 21 years old. She is presumed to look exactly the same as how she was in 6th grade of elementary school.

aespa winter

The photo was reportedly leaked from Bubble, a subscription-based paid messaging service, where you can view personal messages of idol members by paying 4,500 won per month.

aespa winter

Winter has been active in the school dance club since middle school and dreamed of becoming an idol singer. When she was in middle school, she once served as the vice-president of the student community, and it is known that she was good at math, so she studied in a special math class. Below is a well-known article written by Winter in middle school to introduce her school:

“Hello, I am Kim Min Jung, 3rd grader.

Samsung Middle School has been newly remodeled and has maintained a clean and pleasant environment. Also, there is a password in the locker, so you don’t have to buy a separate lock to lock it. Cockroaches don’t appear anymore. In our school, the cherry blossoms in the spring are really, really, really, really, really, really pretty, so it’s good to take pictures with friends. Also, spaghetti is often served as a staple in the most important meal. And in the smart room, the class is conducted using a tablet, so it is much more fun and fresh than the existing class. In addition, the number of students in the school is small, so we can eat lunch faster than other schools, and there are no friends who I do not know. And the desk is also nice.”

aespa winter

Source: Wikitree

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