Lee Jae Wook, “I want to do more youth dramas like ‘Extraordinary You’ before enlisting in the military”

Actor Lee Jae Wook looked back on his performances in 2022 and revealed his resolution for 2023.

Lee Jae Wook started with the supporting role Macro Han in “Memories of the Alhambra” in 2018 and began to play main characters after leading tvN’s 2019 drama “Search: WWW”. Later he solidified his presence by portraying Baek Kyung in MBC’s webtoon-based series “Extraordinary You”, which depicts the romance of high school girl Dan Oh who changes her fate to achieve love. Baek Kyung in this series is a second-year student at Seuli High School who has feelings for Dan Oh.

Lee Jae Wook

Recalling memories of that time, Lee Jae Wook said, “I still meet the friends I met through that work sometimes. Of course, it’s more comfortable to be with actors around my age”. He continued, “I want to try more youth dramas before joining the military. During filmings, I sometimes feel like going back to that time. Especially when I come to a school for a shoot… Should I call it nostalgia? I can feel the scent of that time again. It was a nice drama”, adding “I feel really warm, like smelling a nostalgic perfume and going back to the past”.

Most of Lee Jae Wook’s acting projects are successful. In addition to “Extraordinary You”, there are JTBC’s “When the Weather Is Fine”, KBS 2TV’s “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”, and tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” series. As Lee Jae Wook made a good start with so many good dramas, people also praised his selection of scripts. The actor shared, “Actually, I still think I’m a new actor. At that time, I was cast in a hurry, so I think it was a kind of luck”, adding “Playing characters that are so different from each other is also a good thing”.

Lee Jae Wook

In particular, Lee Jae Wook mentioned Lee Jang Woo in “When the Weather Is Fine” and revealed that this character has the highest synchronization rate with him. He said, “Lee Jang Woo’s personality is similar to mine. The way we deal with situations or the happiness and values we pursue are the same.”

Lee Jae Wook got his first lead role very quickly so did he feel pressured? The actor firmly shared, “I feel burdened from the moment I received the scripts rather than when the work was doing well. It is because I know I would have to bring about another side of Lee Jae Wook and immerses myself into the character of that work”, adding “I don’t think I feel pressured just because the drama went well. It is the viewers who judge whether the work is good or bad. It’s not something I can control”.

Lee Jae-wook

The new year 2023 has begun. Lee Jae Wook, who started 2022 with “Alchemy of Souls” and ended it with the same drama, said, “I received lots of things from every of my acting project. I also keep in touch with the staff and the actors I worked with. I got to know so many people through only one drama. In fact, the cast actors are still very active in the group chat”, adding “There are more fans and viewers who liked the drama, but what’s more important is that there are many people who stayed with us until the end”.

The actor continued, “I want to do a more impactful and intense work this time. However, if there is another virtual reality or fantasy project like ‘Alchemy of Souls’, I would like to try again”, adding “I like working out so I want to take a body profile shoot in 2023”, expressing his resolutions.

Lee Jae Wook, who is not swayed by his rapid growth within a short time, is a calm person who thinks carefully before doing something and is walking his path as an actor based on his strong beliefs.

Source: Daum

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