Go Kyung-pyo returns to the small screen after 6 years, playing the male lead with a mysterious identity in new rom-com “Love in Contract”

Actor Go Kyung-pyo raised the viewers’ curiosity about his identity in the new drama “Love in Contract”.

Go Kyung-pyo returned to the small screen through tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love in Contract”, which aired its first episode on September 21st.

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“Love in Contract” is a romantic comedy that tells about the marriage contracts between single life helper Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young) with the long-term customer Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and with the new customer – superstar Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Earlier, Go Kyung-pyo boasted his unlimited acting spectrum and extraordinary character transformations through various movies “6/45”, “Seoul Vibe”, “and “Decision to Leave” this year. 

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As Go Kyung-pyo is finally returning to the small screen with his first romantic comedy in 6 years since SBS’s “Jealousy Incarnate”, keen attention is drawn to what performance he will show in this new work. In response to viewers’ expectations, Go Kyung-pyo perfectly transformed into his character right from the first appearance. 

In the drama, Go Kyung-pyo plays Jung Ji-ho, a mysterious man who has been Choi Sang-eun’s customer for a long time. Jung Ji-ho, who hides everything, from his job to his past, suddenly confessed to Choi Sang-eun, “Please marry me”, on their first meeting.

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Choi Sang-eun was completely taken aback by Jung Ji-ho’s sudden marriage suggestion without a reason. Jung Ji-ho said, “How about having dinner with me? Like a married couple”, stimulating the fans’ curiosity as he offered a contract with only one term.

In addition, Jung Ji-ho’s mysterious charm shone even more thanks to Go Kyung-pyo’s solid acting skills. In particular, he followed a mysterious woman in a dark alleyway and continued his suspicious behavior of secretly watching her at a restaurant on another day. The tension of the drama increased further when the woman being watched by Jung Ji-ho reportedly died.

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Jung Ji-ho then tried to end his five-year marriage contract with Choi Sang-eun as he briefly said, “Let’s divorce”. The appearance of Jung Ji-ho, who seemed unworried after making such a shocking remark during an ordinary dinner, made the viewers even more curious about what secret he was hiding.

Go Kyung-pyo perfectly portrayed the restrained atmosphere of the character Jung Ji-ho, who seems to be hiding something, from his expressions, gestures, to lines, and raised high expectations for what the story will unfold in the future.

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tvN’s “Love in Contract” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

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