LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin appeared in her first solo pictorial since debut 

Huh Yunjin, a member of girl group LE SSERAFIM, revealed her aspirations as a musician in her first solo pictorial. 

On November 22nd, the pictorial and interview with Huh Yunjin on “Cosmopolitan” were released.

In the published photos, Huh Yunjin wears clothes of various concepts, going from retro silk dresses to bucket hats and fur jackets. She also showed a cold gaze in a black and white shot and a relaxed wink in a close-up photo.

heo yunjin

In the interview conducted alongside the pictorial, Huh Yunjin discussed various topics such as the color of LE SSERAFIM, her school days in New York, and her love for music.

Huh Yunjin said, “I became a person who is fearless while promoting ‘FEARLESS’, and became a person who grows stronger in crisis while promoting ‘ANTIFRAGILE’.” She also emphasized that LE SSERAFIM is a team united with the desire to move forward without settling for peace.

heo yunjin

Huh Yunjin is constantly working on songs that tell her own story, participating in writing lyrics for all of LE SSERAFIM’s albums and releasing her own songs.

The female idol confessed, “I look mature, but surprisingly it’s difficult to show myself in front of others. The only moment I become transparent is when I write lyrics and work on music.”

She also added, “But when I sing a song that contains such a weak side, when I listen to someone, I become stronger again. Music makes me ‘antifragile’. In the future, I want to challenge not only writing lyrics and composing, but also producing.”

heo yunjin

Finally, Huh Yunjin revealed her ambition, saying, “I want to go further than I can imagine now.” She then recalled her first year of debut, describing it as, “a year that changed my life 180 degrees.” 

“I had a wonderful year at the age of 21, and I look forward to my 20s filled with LE SSERAFIM”, she concluded .

With their 2nd mini album “ANTIFRAGILE”, LE SSERAFIM is showing their impact on the global music scene by making it to the US Billboard chart for 4 consecutive weeks. Prior to their official debut in Japan, LE SSERAFIM was confirmed to appear on NHK’s representative year-end broadcast in Japan, Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

Source: wikitree

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