Being called a ‘minus singer’ by HOOK, Lee Seung Gi eventually carries out singing activities on his personal Youtube channel? 

Amid suspicions of Lee Seung Gi not getting paid by HOOK for 18 years, Lee Seung Gi’s personal Youtube channel also draws attention.

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Recently, some fans on Twitter said, “The agency gaslighted Lee Seung Gi, calling him a ‘minus singer’ and telling him that his fans didn’t buy albums. They made him sad, embarrassed him, and gaslighted him… Even when fans asked him to release an album, he said he couldn’t make it. So, after establishing a one-man agency, he made a Youtube channel to show fans videos of him singing”. As this post spread rapidly, Lee Seung Gi’s Youtube channel is also being re-examined.

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In fact, Lee Seung Gi is running a Youtube channel called “Human Made”, also the name of his one-man agency. On this channel, he reveals his appearance as “singer Lee Seung Gi” by doing covers of various songs and even holding a mini concert.

HOOK is now focusing only on acting and entertainment, so Lee Seung Gi has to continue his singing activities through this Youtube channel.

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Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification to HOOK Entertainment, the company that has been with the actor for 18 years since his debut, and asked them to provide details of his music revenue. 

According to a media report on November 21st, HOOK has not made any settlements for Lee Seung Gi’s music revenue, while they earned at least 10 billion won from Lee Seung Gi’s music activities. Therefore, many netizens raised suspicions of a slave contract.

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In this regard, HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young explained, “Whether they are true or not, I’m deeply ashamed of myself. I feel so embarrassed and sorry because everything is my fault and it’s all due to my lack of virtue”, adding “It is our duty to confirm the facts regarding the stories that are currently being reported and highlighted in the media in detail. However, as we mentioned earlier, we are currently in the process of checking the facts and there is room for legal action in the future, so we ask for your understanding once again on the part that we will be refraining from expressing positions.”

Source: Nate

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