aespa rumored to be the next K-pop girl group after BLACKPINK to perform at Coachella (ft. netizens’ mixed reactions) 

The rumor of aespa’s appearance at Coachella 2022 is creating a stir. 

After 2 consecutive years of being postponed and canceled due to the pandemic, the world’s largest music festival, Coachella will finally return on April 15, 2022 (local time). This year, Coachella will take place in 6 days, divided into 2 parts, from April 15 to 17 and from April 22 to 24.

Previously, in the official lineup announced by Coachella, there were 2 representative K-pop artists, BIGBANG and Epik High. However, after multiple delays, BIGBANG will no longer appear, making Epik High the only Korean artist whose participation in this year’s Coachella is confirmed.

However, ahead of Coachella D-Day, it was announced that there would be one (or several) special stages by guests not included in the lineup. Many fans and netizens are speculating that aespa will have a special performance at this year’s Coachella based on the clues dropped by aespa members themselves. 

If this rumor is true, aespa will become the second girl group in the history of K-pop after BLACKPINK to be invited to perform at the world’s biggest music festival. 

Aside from many fans who are excited about this rumor and hope it will become a reality, there are also netizens who are showing negative reactions to the possibility of aespa performing at Coachella

aespa may have a stage at Coachella but netizens’ reactions are mixed 

Specifically, some argue that stage presence and performance skills are aespa‘s biggest weakness. The group doesn’t have the ability to rock the stage and uplift the atmosphere to attract locals, so there’s no point for them to appear at Coachella.

Netizens also compare aespa with BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance is so legendary that it will be way too difficult for aespa to live up to it. Besides, the fact that aespa‘s schedule and activities since their debut have always somehow resembled BLACKPINK‘s also makes some netizens feel confused and hence blame SM for always trying to make aespa go down the same route as BLACKPINK

 – Obviously, this rumor is controversial because aespa is not qualified. Whether they sing live or not, aespa’s stage presence alone is not enough. The more I think about it, the more I see that SM is deliberately pushing the group to follow the path of BLACKPINK.

 – I think that it will be difficult for aespa to stand out at Coachella. It’s not that the aespa is bad, but the group really has no experience in enjoying the stage, their stage presence is always very stiff.

 – When it comes to performing in America, good live singing is just a small part. Besides, it is essential for the group to actually “burn the stage”. However, it seems like the aespa girls can not do this. 

 – The truth hurts, American stages require more. I don’t think aespa‘s stage performance can meet their needs. 

 – What if they go there just to film a new MV? The 2 fandoms are fighting so hard for no reason.

BLACKPINK’s big shadow at Coachella 2019 is one of the main reasons why aespa is being criticized.

Disclaimer: The above information is just a rumor. Neither SM or Coachella have confirmed that the “special guest” will be aespa. Whether this is true or not, the fact that more and more Kpop artists appear at international events proves that Korean music has reached another level compared to the old days. This is a good sign that it is absolutely not worth debating about.

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