aespa Opens Up About “Spicy” Comeback, Why They Exercise, and Winter’s Special Dream on Radio Show

On May 17th, aespa appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Hope Song at Noon” radio show.

As this was aespa’s first full-group radio appearance after their comeback, they mentioned that it was also their first time in a while to carry out all the music show schedules back to back.


When DJ Kim Shin Young asked if they take dietary supplements, Karina replied, “We really should take them.” She also expressed difficulties by saying, “While we were having a blast on music shows, we mentioned that we wanted to try doing it in a more relaxed manner, and we have a lot of respect for other idol groups.

Karina recently tried being an MC on a music show for the first time since her debut. She said, “I felt really nervous,” as she shared her impressions. 

When asked how they felt when they first recorded “Spicy,” Giselle answered, “Actually, ‘Spicy’ was a song that we chose ourselves. We wanted to promote this song, so we thought we should do it well.


“Spicy” was a song that existed even before aespa’s debut. Giselle stated, “It was a song that was considered a candidate even before our debut,” and revealed, “We planned to make a summer comeback, and I remembered the old song called ‘Spicy,’ so we suggested doing it.”

aespa participated a lot in the song selection besides “Spicy” and showed affection for each and every song. In particular, they shared an anecdote that they snatched “Welcome to My World,” which was supposed to be a solo debut song by aespa worldview’s virtual character Naevis.

Agreeing that all the songs on the album had a title track vibe, aespa also shared a behind-the-scenes story of actually drinking alcohol during the MV toast scene.

Moreover, Giselle, who is known for her love of exercise to the extent of being called ‘Gym Giselle,’ chose Kim Jong Kook as the person she wants to exercise with.

aespa giselle

Giselle said, “I mainly enjoy weightlifting and lower body workouts,” showing her genuine love for challenging exercises. On the other hand, Winter revealed a completely different side, saying, “I exercise to live.”

Winter, who often has dreams, revealed that she had a dream related to the success of ‘Spicy.’

In my dream, the apartment I was living in was on fire. I tried to escape, but there was also an earthquake. Even when I poured water, the fire wouldn’t go out. I had this dream, so I thought maybe ‘Spicy’ wouldn’t do well,” she said. Winter had been keeping silent until now, worried that talking about the dream might affect the success of “Spicy,” which brought laughter to everyone.

Source: Daum

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