NCT was recently accused by an American band of plagiarizing their poster

More bad news for the SM’s group and their fans….

Recently, the official Twitter account of the Downtown Boys band posted a picture comparing their poster and NCT with the caption: “Lol looks like NCT just directly stole a poster of ours from Harrisburg in 2016?”

They even tagged the official accounts of NCT and SM Entertainment.

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The arrangement of both posters is the same, but the colors are different. The most noticeable detail is that the poster’s content has been altered from “Downtown Boys” to “NEOtown Boys.”

Up to this point, SM has not commented on the incident. Many SM groups, however, have been accused of copying since the beginning of the year, causing outrage among fans. They’re urging SM to come up with an explanation as soon as possible and immediately change their lousy way of working.

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