Collaborations that K-drama fans want to see (Gong Yoo – Son Ye Jin, Junho – Yoona, etc.)

Korean actors work with different co-stars within a year and each collaboration gives different feelings. Below are collaborations that drama fans have always wanted to see.

Junho – Yoona

After Junho and Yoona performed their spectacular stage at the MBC Daejejeon, not only fans but netizens have also raised expectations for the two collaboration in a drama. Even with a short performance, the two already showed amazing chemistry. Known as talented singers, the two are also recognized for their acting skills. It would be so great if we can see Junho and Yoona play a couple in a historical or modern drama.

Gong Yoo – Son Ye Jin

Both Gong Yoo and Son Ye Jin are veteran actors. The two have contributed to the success of numerous series and movies of different genres and are also praised for their romance acting. That’s why fans are hoping to see Gong Yoo and Son Ye-jin in a romantic drama. If this collaboration happens, it would cause a huge craze across Asia.

Cho Seung Woo – Jeon Mi Do

Cho Seung Woo and Jeon Mi Do began their career as theater actors and the two have already performed together on the stage. Both have great acting skills and can play different kinds of roles. Knowing that Cho Seung Woo and Jeon Mi Do are also close friends of each other in real life, many fans are hoping to see the two appear side by side in a drama or movie and portray a mature love story.

Lee Jun Hyuk – Seo Hyun Jin

This combination seems to be weird since Lee Jun Hyuk is well-known as an actor who rarely plays romance while Seo Hyun Jin is the “melodrama queen”. However, putting the two side by side, many fans believe they would make a lovely couple. Korean netizens think Lee Jun Hyuk is really handsome and he has “melo” eyes for romance acting, and Seo Hyun Jin is also good at emotional acting. Their ages are also well-matched. That’s why fans hope that the two can work together in a melodrama.

IU – Park Bo Gum

IU and Park Bo Gum had collaborated on an advertisement in 2012. At that time, Park Bo Gum was still a rookie, while IU had quite successfully debuted as a singer. The two later became friends. Park Bo Gum is likened to the nextdoor boyfriend with a gentle and warm smile while the “nation’s sister” IU looks sweet and beautiful. Netizens hope they will work together in the future because the two are well-matched.

Kang Dong Won – Jun Ji Hyun

Both are S-listed superstars, Kang Dong Won and Jun Ji Hyun really know each other but have never had a chance to cooperate. Actually, Jun Ji Hyun met Kang Dong Won when she was filming the movie “Assasination”. It must be said that it is difficult to invite them, so the possibility that a producer can invite both of them is not high, but netizens still hope that they will work together once.

Seo Kang Joon – Suzy

Seo Kang Joon once watched the movie Architecture 101, the film brought the title of “national first love” to Suzy and he was so impressed with her that he wanted to work with her. The two also had the opportunity to talk to each other on the phone through a variety show. The conversation at that time of the two always left the impression on the audience that if this young couple acted in a love drama, it would be very romantic and sweet.

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