aespa NingNing and NewJeans Hyein, same Louis Vuitton fit but who wore it better?

NingNing from aespa and Hyein from NewJeans recently wore the same high-end outfit in different ways, showcasing their individual styles. 

As two of the most recognized Kpop girl groups of the 4th generation, aespa and NewJeans are often mentioned side by side, whether in their music or fashion activities. 


Recently, a coincidence happened, and the youngest member of each group was spotted wearing the same unique outfit, yet gave off completely different auras. 


The outfit in question consists of a Jet Ski Box Top, which costs a whopping $4,350, a Draped Linen Layering Skirt of the same prince, and a $1,910 Textured Silk Crepe Bloomers, all of which come from Louis Vuitton’s most recent ready-to-wear collection. 


aespa NingNing, who is known for her effortless hip and chic style, donned these items in a pictorial on Vogue+ China. Here, the female idol exuded a strong vibe with statement jewelries, high-heel boots, and hair put up in a high ponytail. 

Meanwhile, NewJeans Hyein, the youngest Louis Vuitton global ambassador, is known for a more lively image that suits the Y2K spirit of her group. She wore the same outfit with NingNing for a photoshoot with Vogue Korea, but instead of using bold jewelries, Hyein opted for a Louis Vuitton belt, chunky ankle boots, and blunt, short bangs with hair let down. 

newjeans hyein

Coupled with a warm-toned set, Hyein looks somewhat futuristic compared to NingNing’s artsy pictorial.  

Despite wearing the same outfit, NingNing and Hyein managed to show off their unique fashion sense, accessory uses, and looked stunning in their respective looks. 

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