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Taeyeon, “I have expectations for new combinations in ‘Queendom Puzzle’. I promoted with GOT The Beat so I know it well”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon asked viewers to look forward to the new project girl groups formed through “Queendom Puzzle”.

The press conference for Mnet’s program “Queendom Puzzle” was held at the HW Convention Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on June 13th.

The event was attended by CP Yoon Shin Hye, PD Lee Yeon Gyu, Taeyeon, JooE (MOMOLAND), Yeoreum (WJSN), Elly (Weki Meki), Bora, Jiwon, Chaerin (Cherry Bullet), Yuki (Purple Kiss), Riina, Hwiseo (H1-Key), Sangha (LIGHTSUM), Juri, Suyun, Yeonhee (Rocket Punch), Seoyeon, Jiwwoo (TripleS), Soojin, Jihan, Soeun, Zoa (Weeekly), Nana, Wooyeon (woo!ah!), Dohwa, Yeeun, K, etc.


At the press conference, Taeyeon, who continues to host “Queendom Puzzle” following “Queendom 2”, said, “I’m only in charge of hosting the show, but these friends, who are preparing hard for the competitions, are the main characters. I will do my best to support them from the side.”

Taeyeon, who has been active with not only her main group Girls’ Generation but also other project groups, such as TTS and GOT The Beat, advised her juniors, saying “I hope you see this program as a great opportunity to perform on stage with members from other groups. I hope you grab this precious opportunity and make the most of it.”

Co-hosting with Lee Yong Jin in “Queendom 2”, Taeyeon became the solo MC for “Queendom Puzzle”. When asked if she felt her hosting skills have improved, the female singer said, “This time, I’m going to host ‘Queendom Puzzle’ along and there are so many scripts to handle”.

She continued, “The good thing about being a solo MC is that I have more opportunities to communicate with the cast. As I try to match the cast’s reactions while delivering my lines, the atmosphere becomes really good. I will do my best to create that atmosphere and be a good MC.”

Queendom Puzzle

PD Lee Yeon Gyu stated, “To be honest, there were many changes in the structure of the program, so we had to explain a lot to the MC. As the recordings progressed, I’m grateful that Taeyeon enjoyed herself and is becoming a great MC. From her perspective as an artist, Taeyeon understands the members more so than the production staff. There is a moment in episode 1 where she takes care of her juniors. I hope you all pay attention to it.”

At the end of the press conference, Taeyeon shared, “Regarding my overall impression of ‘Queendom Puzzle’, I think they are the members’ charms, combinations, and great performances. I think they will show various charms that they haven’t been able to showcase when doing activities with their own groups. I’ve done similar things with GOT The Beat so I know it’s going to be very cool. Please look forward to new combinations with amazing stages. Lastly, Mnet has invested a large budget into creating visually stunning stages, so I hope you join us to enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, “Queendom Puzzle” will premiere at 10 p.m. on June 13th.

Source: Daum

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