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aespa Karina’s choice between a rude hardworker or a kind bad-worker draws admiration

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, honestly expressed her opinion on the kind of people she prefers, especially at work. 

On May 19th, Karina appeared as a guest on the YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary” and had a drunken conversation with Lee Young Ji.

On this day, Lee Young Ji asked Karina whether she would like to work with a person who is good at work but has a bad personality or a person who is bad at work but has a good personality.


To this, Karina replied without hesitation, “I’d rather choose a good worker”

When Karina answered firmly, Lee Young Ji asked again what the aespa would do if there was a hair, makeup, and coordinator staff who was good at their job but had a bad personality.

In particular, Lee Young Ji inquired, “But here’s the thing. That person works so well, this person’s hair and make up skills are so good, but when you pass by, they make you trip over. What would you do?”

Hearing her question, Karina cheerfully replied that she would still work with the person, but she’d wear something strong made from metal as protection from the tripping. 

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The aespa member also added that being a good worker is a must, and that even if they are like demons, she “can do well for them anyway”. 

Many people who heard Karina’s opinion expressed sympathy and left comments such as “There is a reason for success” and “A good worker is the best”.

Source: Insight

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