Actress Park Eun Bin confessed her worries about the future after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Park Eun Bin, who gained a lot of love after her role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, talked about her worries in a recent interview. 

Recently, Park Eun Bin captured the public’s attention with her appearance in a new pictorial as well as her confessions in the accompanying interview. 

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In particular, Park Eun Bin was featured in a photoshoot for the November issue of fashion magazine “Vogue Korea”. Here, following the pictorial’s theme “Pink Personal”, Park Eun Bin posed against different shades of pink and exuded a versatile atmosphere.

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With unique poses and dreamy eyes, the actress created a mysterious atmosphere and fascinates those who see the photoshoot.

In the interview content that was released along with the pictorial, there was a question asking Park Eun Bin about the reason why she has been acting steadily.

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In response, the actress answered, “When I was young, I kept thinking about whether being an actres would fit my aptitude. I had a lot of really talented and sociable friends.”

She then added, “However, I held on to the belief that even if I have an introverted side, it can cause a greater explosive power. I think this kind of personality helped me to be consistent and maintain my goal. The reason why I was able to start early and not give up is because of my consistency and determination.”

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In addition, when asked about a moment when she felt valuable and beautiful, Park Eun Bin mentioned the many fans she saw at her first fan meeting, saying, “The energy of people who look at me with loving eyes really brings joy to my heart.”

“I can’t always capture people’s hearts, but I thought it would be nice to at least become an actress who is never ashamed of herself”, Park Eun Bin concluded. 

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Starting with Manila, Philippines on October 23rd, Park Eun-bin will meet fans from around the world through her first Asian fan meeting tour “2022 Park Eun Bin Asia Fan Meeting Tour – Eunbin Note: Blank”.

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For the tour, Park Eun Bin will hold fan meetings in Bangkok on November 5th, in Singapore on November 11th, and in Tokyo on November 19th.

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On the other hand, this year, Park Eun Bin assumed the role of female lead Woo Young Woo in the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, and was adored by the public and praised for her top-notch acting skills. 

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which gained massive popularity and reckoned viewership as high as 17.5%, even earned Park Eun Bin numerous acting awards, including Best Actress at the 4th Asia Contents Awards.

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Source: Daum

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