Song Hye Kyo wholeheartedly teaches Jang Ki Yong how to cook and enjoy a romantic dinner together

Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong had a good time while filming a cooking scene.

Recently, the producer of Now, We Are Breaking Up released a behind-the-scenes video of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong.

In the video, the two are preparing to practice for the cooking scene. However, Jang Ki Yong does not have much experience. Song Hye Kyo took the initiative to teach Jang Ki Yong how to cook. With the help of Song Hye Kyo, Jang Ki Yong excitedly did the cooking scene in the kitchen, and at the same time did not forget to joke with the actress.

After completing the scene, Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong enjoyed dinner together at the dining table. The actress enjoyed the egg while reading the script. As for Jang Ki Yong, the actor showed an expression of interest in the food. His expression was quickly captured by the backstage camera.

After having dinner, Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong also took a close photo together. This is not the first time the couple has taken a selfie behind the scenes. Before that, the two also took photos following the famous trend in Korea. Jang Ki Yong took the initiative to ask Song Hye Kyo to take a photo with him. The two also happily had funny poses. Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong are no different from a real couple in real life.

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