Kim Hye Soo’s attitude towards fans who waited a long time… “the standard of celebrities”

An action of actress Kim Hye Soo won over the hearts of many fans. 

At the premiere screening of tvN’s new historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which was held on October 7th, Kim Hye Soo’s fan service completely won over the hearts of fans. 

Kim Hye Soo

In particular, a Twitter user released a video of Kim Hye Soo on this day, which she took herself, and the footage quickly went viral and was dubbed “the standard of celebrity”.

Kim Hye Soo

As it turns out, the screening was full of fans who came to see Kim Hye Soo. As the actress finished with the event, she found two young female fans waiting for her at the exit.

Kim Hye Soo

The two fans, who were holding presents, quietly looked at Kim Hye Soo, who walked towards them. As soon as she saw those who were waiting for her, the actress approached them with brisk steps, took the gifts, then opened her arms and hugged them tightly.

Kim Hye Soo also did not leave immediately after the hug, but also titted her head to say hello and continued to communicate with her fans. One of her fans eventually collapsed after receiving Kim Hye Soo’s extraordinary fan service.

Seeing this, Twitter netizens showed excitement and left comments like, “I really think Kim Hye Soo is a the standard of celebrity”, “I really envy her fans”, “I want to be hugged too”, “God Hye Soo”, “Her  attitude towards the fans is a standard for celebrity.” “My mother used to be actress Kim Hye Soo’s stylist, and she said Kim Hye Soo was the most elegant and wonderful celebrity she has ever met”, “How does Kim Hye-Soo get younger and more beautiful as she gets older?” 

Source: wikitree

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