BoA got terrorized with malicious comments after YGX was eliminated from “Street Woman Fighter”

BoA is receiving a huge wave of criticisms from fans who pointed out that BoA made a “biased judgment” for LACHICA and made YGX get eliminated from “Street Woman Fighter”.

Recently, BoA’s SNS has been flooded with comments expressing their frustration over the YGX’s elimination. During the semi-final round on October 19th, YGX ranked No.4 in the mission ranking and was finally eliminated after losing the elimination battle against the fifth-ranked crew LACHICA. The elimination battle had 5 rounds in total. YGX only won 2 out of 3 games, which were the first and third rounds.

However, some netizens objected to the results. In particular, they pointed out that since BoA praised LACHICA a lot during the battle, she had made a “bias judgment” in the end. Therefore, many fans are leaving the “disgusting” emoticons under the comment section of BoA’s latest post.

BoA biased Street Woman Fighter

Netizens said, Rian won the battle between her Yell. How could this be real?”, “She favored LACHICA”, “Because of her biased evaluation, I’m speechless. I should go to the dentist.”

In particular, a netizen even mentioned BoA and LACHICA’s friendship. This person pointed out that LACHICA has been working with BoA’s company, SM Entertainment, ever since before they joined “Street Woman Fighter”. Especially, LACHICA dancers once stood on the same stage with BoA as backup dancers for her song, “Better”.

BoA biased Street Woman Fighter
Boa – ‘Better’

This netizen explained, “I don’t understand the result of the second round, which was the battle between Yell and Rian. How could a B-girl from the national team who even won a medal at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games lose this battle?”

BoA biased Street Woman Fighter
BoA has not yet expressed her position on this issue.

Meanwhile, Apart from LACHICA, HOOK ranked first place while HOLYBANG ranked No.2 and CocaNButter ranked No.3. These 4 teams will advance to the final round. “Street Woman Fighter” is scheduled to end with a live final battle on October 26th.


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