“Brave Citizen” unveils character posters and first trailer showing Shin Hye Sun’s high kick

“Brave Citizen”, starring Shin Hye Sun and Lee Joon Young, confirmed its release date through trailer and posters

“Brave Citizen”, which raised high expectations even before its production as a movie based on the popular webtoon with a high score of 9.8 on Naver, confirmed its official premiere date on October 25th by releasing the first trailer and two character posters.

Brave Citizen

“Brave Citizen” tells a story that happens when part-time teacher So Si Min, who has lived pretending to ignore injustice, pretending to have no temper, and pretending to be weak, faces the evil acts of Han Soo Gang, who crosses the line.

The two character posters draw attention as they show the contrasting moods of the two characters. First, part-time teacher So Si Min (Shin Hye Sun), who has suppressed her bad temper to become a full-time teacher, catches the eyes of fans with her gentle smile when holding a book. The phrase “Enduring the world is the easiest thing” on the poster stimulates viewers’ curiosity about her identity. The poster of the villain Han Soo Gang (Lee Joon Young) shows him sitting on a chair with an arrogant expression. The introduction “Listen carefully. I’m the law here” raises the tension as it heralds a conflict between him and So Si Min.

The first trailer video released together with the posters impresses viewers as it shows a powerful 180-degree high kick action scene of So Si Min after staring sharply at a man who hits her shoulder and curses her. However, So Si Min later appears at school with a cheerful face, surprising everyone with her unexpected charm. Curiosity peaks when Han Soo Gang is seen harassing his classmates and So Si Min wears a mask, saying “The bad guy should pay for his crime”. 

Brave Citizen

Meanwhile, “Brave Citizen” is expected to express a variety of human emotions, from romance to thriller. It was directed by Park Jin Pyo, who has been recognized for his directing skills through various works.

In addition, martial arts director Heo Myung Haeng, who was in charge of directing actions for “The Outlaws” series and “Hunt”, and Dalpalan, known as a hitmaker in the film music industry, participated in the project to enhance the movie’s completeness. Moreover, the combination of Shin Hye Sun and Lee Joon Young and the performances of Park Jung Woo, Park Hyuk Kwon, and Cha Chung Hwa are also expected to raise viewers’ immersion.

Source: Daum

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