ChoA tearfully confessed, “Life after ending girl group activities, I felt the reality that dragged me down”

ChoA confessed her past as a girl group member on “Top Teacher”

Instructor Kim Mi Kyung appeared on MBC’s “Top Teacher”, which aired on January 4th, and discussed the topic of “40 years old”. ChoA also guested on the show. She confessed her own story when asking about what to do when she gets dragged down by herself, not others.

ChoA said, “When I was still active as a girl group member, we always learned the choreography after receiving a song. Many friends couldn’t continue and decided to end their girl group activities despite they were already used to that. So I thought, ‘I won’t do acting, then I must become an artist. But can I become a great singer like Yang Eun Hee? Shouldn’t I be looking for a second job?’”, confessing her worries. 

ChoA continued, “So when I tried to look at myself in a realistic way, I felt like I had dragged myself down a little bit”, then shed tears.


In response, Kim Mi Kyung gave ChoA warm consolation together with a prescription with the drug called “one dream one sing”. The studio cast also tried to comfort ChoA with nice words. In particular, Park Jung Ah also drew attention when she expressed her sympathy to Cho A.

Source: Nate

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