Writer Kwak Do-won of drama “Villains” was accused of violating the copyright law…. An injunction on a broadcasting ban has been filed

An injunction for a ban on the broadcasting of TVing’s original series “Villains” has been applied.

On October 28th, IOK Company said to Maeil Business Star Today, “IOK Company and SuperNote filed a complaint to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against writer Kim Hyung-joon, who wrote the script of ‘Villains’, for violating the copyright law on September 22nd. The Seoul Central District Court has applied for an injunction regarding the ban on the production and distribution of drama ‘Villains’”.


“Villains” is TVing’s original series produced by Taewon Entertainment and planned by CJ ENM. Yoo Ji-tae, Kwak Do-won, Lee Bum-soo and Lee Min-jung were cast for this project the filming has already been completed. The drama was originally planned to air on TVing in the first half of next year, but the release schedule has been delayed indefinitely because the lead actor Kwak Do-won was booked for drunk driving last month.

kwak do won

According to an official from IOK Company, “Villains” was planned in 2011 by Bidangil Pictures under the working title “Perfect”. In 2018, Kim Hyung-joon joined the scriptwriting work and the title was revised to “Plan B”.

IOK said, “Kim Hyung-joon worked on the movie script, and later wrote the drama script. He worked on the drama play without a formal contract, but there were differences over the writer’s fees. So, the story was conducted by attracting investment from other places to produce dramas and make up for the writer’s fee,” he said.

kwak do won

The company explained, “After hearing the news that ‘Villains’ was produced last year, we held two or three discussions to reach an agreement. It’s unfair because he knows how hard the production company ihas worked to make it, but he tried to reach an agreement as much as possible, but in the end, an agreement was not reached and he went to court.”

Regarding this, an official from Taewon Entertainment, the production company of ‘Villains’, told Maeil Business Star Today, “On the 26th, there was an interrogation regarding the application for an injunction, and the court has heard both sides of the argument. We are waiting for a decision,” he said.


Attention is paid to how the results of the application for an injunction on broadcasting will come out and whether the two sides will be able to reach an amicable agreement.

Source: Daum

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