This is the reason why idols don’t often choose YG’s music when covering songs, especially 2NE1’s

Kpop idols don’t often choose YG’s music to cover for a reason.

YG has always been famous for possessing a unique and somewhat eccentric musical vibe that not everyone can learn. At survival shows or award ceremonies, very few junior groups choose YG‘s songs for cover performances. Meanwhile, SM‘s songs are easier and chosen by many idols.

Talking about the hit songs with the fewest covers, we have to mention 2NE1‘s I Am The Best or Fire. These songs not only require amazing performance skills but also have to show the “bad girl” aura and badass vibe like 2NE1.

MV I Am The Best – 2NE1

Recently, Knet debated the topic “Why are there few YG cover stages?”. According to many netizens, the strange characteristic in YG‘s music is difficult to cover:

– It’s hard to show YG’s quality, they get criticized no matter how they cover it.

– Idols’ covers of YG music are usually not good. Because the music color is so different.

– Honestly, I don’t think any female idol can learn the quality of 2NE1. Also, the quality of BIGBANG’s music is so good, and every song is popular, so if other idols make a mistake when they cover it, they’ll be compared to the original.

– It’s really only 2NE1 who perform their songs the best..

– BIGBANG seems to be the only group that can cover 2NE1’s music

BIGBANG covers 2NE1’s I Love You

Some other opinions say that not only 2NE1 but also artists from YG, SM, and JYP have their own unique features that only the artists from the same company can successfully cover:

– Only artists from the same company can cover each other’s music. iKON, WINNER, TREASURE covers are really good. And so is SM.

– Covering YG’s music is difficult because YG’s voice color is quite unique, the individual’s own quality, and even the charisma. In short, YG artists often bring their own ego into music products, so it’s quite personal.

– YG’s music is not only good but also unique, only YG artists can do it.

– Of course, the covers can’t be equal to the original, but YG’s covers of each other’s songs are still swag as usual.

– Many groups have covered BLACKPINK’s songs, but they can’t compare to the original.

– In turn, if BIGBANG or 2NE1 covered another group, would it be perfect? Each song is produced and measured to suit the performer, of course, other people’s covers will be different.

HINAPIA covers Playing With Fire by BLACKPINK
EVERGLOW cover How You Like That (BLACKPINK)
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