BTS V sent a romantic song request to the radio      

V, a member of BTS, drew attention among fans by leaving a story on the radio for Valentine's Day.  

Radio “Kim Eana’s Starry Night” announced on its SNS on Feb 15th that V‘s song request was broadcast the previous day. “Starry Night” also drew attention by saying, “V also left a message asking me to invite him later.” 

BTS V Kim Eana's Starry Night

The song V applied for is Bruno Major’s “Nothing.” It is a calm jazz song with lyrics expressing one’s love to their lover. In response to V‘s request, Kim Eana selected V’s solo song “Christmas Tree,” which was released as the OST of the drama “Our Beloved Summer.”

Meanwhile, BTS is recharging by spending a long vacation doing what they have wanted to do but unable to due to their busy schedule. RM recently drew attention by posting photos taken while attending exhibitions and reviews on his SNS about the Beijing Winter Olympics. V became an ordinary radio listener and sent his story, drawing sympathy from many. Netizens welcomed him, saying, “It’s so amazing,” “I was happy that I can listen to the same radio show with him at the same time, but it’s an even more perfect Valentine’s Day that I got to listen to his song request,” and “It was a happy day.”

BTS V Kim Eana's Starry Night

Below is the full post on “Starry Night”’s SNS. 

February 14th, 2022…

The day V’s song request…appeared on “Starry Night”…

Bruno Major’s songs that we listened to in the 3rd and 4th parts were requested by Kim Taehyung, a boy in his 20s.♥

He also left a message asking us to invite him later.♥

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