“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Ha Yoon Kyung on why she wanted to become an actress, how she practiced, and more 

Actress Ha Yoon Kyung’s pictorial and interview has been released.

Actress Ha Yoon Kyung, who played Choi Soo Yeon in ENA”s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, recently shot a pictorial and had an interview for the September issue of fashion magazine Arena Homme Plus. 

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Ha Yoon Kyung recalled her school days when she used to practice acting in front of the mirror, saying, “I practiced with a small light on in the middle of the night to avoid disturbing my family. I thought my parents would trust and support me only if I got into a good school.”

Ha Yoon Kyung is a fan of plays and movies, so she talked about the work that led her to dream of becoming an actress. She revealed, “I saw the musical The Lion King in middle school. The actors using their bodies to sing on stage were cool, and I was curious about how they could do that.”

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Ha Yoon Kyung started out by acting on stage before expanding her scope to movies and dramas. She considers this both an advantage and a disadvantage. She explained, “When I see myself acting, I feel embarrassed and always have regrets. I have never been satisfied with my performance. When I watch my acting on the screen, only the points to be fixed stand out to me, so I keep learning.”

She specified on how she improved her acting, “I look for a lot of works related to the subject matter of the work I’m participating in. I also look up related articles and ask for advice from the lead actors and directors.”

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Lastly, Ha Yoon Kyung said, “I want to be an actor who leaves a lasting impression. Even if I’m not an actor who makes a strong impression with their acting right away, I want to be someone who leaves a strangely lingering impression in viewers’ hearts. If I were to say what kind of person I am today, I am a person who acknowledges my shortcomings and works hard.” 

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