Netflix sends an official letter regarding terminating Yoo Ah In’s contract for “The Match”

Yoo Ah In’s issue constitutes a reason for contract termination, leading to Netflix sending an official letter to “The Match”.

It has been confirmed that Netflix has sent an official letter to the investment company Acemaker regarding the movie “The Match”, starring Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In. In their letter, Netflix stated that Yoo Ah In’s issue is subject to contract termination. However, it remains to be seen whether the contract will actually be terminated as both sides have a common perception that a movie made by many people cannot die out because of one person.

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According to the film industry on March 21st, Netflix sent an official letter to Acemaker after allegations of Yoo Ah In’s habitual use of propofol became a public issue last month and various related news poured out later. Netflix originally planned to purchase the movie “The Match” invested by Acemaker and release it as an original film in the first quarter of this year.

“The Match” is the story of a Go master who has to compete inevitably with his student. It is based on the true story of 9-dan professional Go players Cho Hun Hyun (played by Lee Byung Hun) and Lee Chang Ho (played by Yoo Ah In), a teacher and a disciple who had no choice but to become rivals. 

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However, as the situation became more serious, such as Yoo Ah In’s issue being plastered in the media every day and Go fans showing signs of boycotting, Netflix came up with a countermeasure. Netflix has the most works related to Yoo Ah In’s propofol incident, including “The Match”, the original series “Goodbye Earth”, and “Hellbound 2”, in which Yoo Ah In was scheduled to appear. Accordingly, Netflix decided to edit the screentime of Yoo Ah In as much as possible in “Goodbye Earth” while casting Kim Sung Cheol instead of Yoo Ah In in “Hellbound 2”.

Since Yoo Ah In is one of the two main actors in “The Match” alongside Lee Byung Hun, it is difficult to edit. Accordingly, Netflix reportedly sent an official letter to Acemaker asking if they are aware that Yoo Ah In’s issue constitutes a reason for contract termination.

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Rumor has it that this official letter is not an immediate contract termination procedure, but rather about whether they are aware of the current situation and what measures they have. The two sides reportedly exchanged opinions that the police investigation into Yoo Ah In’s issue has not yet been completed, so they make the decision wait and see the situation until the investigation’s result comes out.

In addition, both sides have a consensus that it is a pity if the movie is abandoned due to Yoo Ah In’s issue, seeing that other actors and staff have done their best for a long time.

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It is still unclear whether Netflix and “The Match” will actually terminate the contract due to Yoo Ah In’s issue. This is because even if the police announce the investigation’s result, it will take a long time for the court to decide what kind of ruling will be made after the prosecution’s indictment. Besides, if Netflix demands the termination of the contract, it is likely that there will be a legal battle with Acemaker. In that case, it is unlikely to be easy because it will adversely affect Netflix’s K-content business. As the movie “Hi.5” starring Yoo Ah In is closely watching the investigation’s result and Netflix’s handling, it seems that Netflix needs to think deeply and make a careful choice.

In the end, the fate of “The Match” is expected to depend on the investigation’s result and what position Yoo Ah In will make. Yoo Ah In is scheduled to appear at the police station in private on March 24th.

Source: Nate

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