Horrifying scene from Netflix’s Hellbound: A mother broadcasts her demise for money to protect her children

This terrifying and haunting scene from Hellbound is going viral. 

Released on November 19, Netflix’s latest Korean thriller Hellbound quickly rose to the top of Netflix charts worldwide, pushing Squid Game down to the 2nd place. With a dark and violent theme, Hellbound is deemed shocking by many viewers. In return, the series has received high scores and positive reviews from the audience. Recently, a scene from Hellbound attracted much attention on TikTok, hitting more than 5 million views in just a few days.

This is an important scene in Hellbound. It heartbreakingly reflects the cruelty of humans towards one another when there is religious interference.

Hellbound is set in modern times, when many people suddenly receive a “death sentence”, clearly announcing the date and time they will be dragged to hell by hideous monsters. No one knows where such otherworldly beings come from, but many religious sects have been established and claim that these supernatural creatures are God’s way of delivering punishments to sinners who deserve death. In a society where the law cannot bring justice, many people turn to support this “God”, cursing the victims without caring about the truth.

The scene in Hellbound is going viral on TikTok

Kim Shin Rok (Park Jung Ja) is a single mom of two children (both children have different fathers). She was given a “death sentence” one day, indicating that the time had come for her to die. Jung Ja seeks aid from Jin Soo’s (Yoo Ah In) The New Truth group, but the leader makes a terrible demand: he’ll spend 3 billion won to live broadcast Jung Ja’s death. Her death will be interpreted as a “call from God,” drawing the attention of tens of thousands of religious devotees.

Facing the death penalty, Park Jung Ja had no choice. At the very least, she would have money to care for her two small children if she agreed to the leader’s request. Therefore, Park Jung Ja agreed to record her death. The New Truth even turned her house into a “stage,” asking major broadcast networks to livestream her death. Many worshippers gathered outside Park Jung Ja’s house and cursed her to a wretched death in hell. It’s unclear what crime Park Jung Ja committed – but they believe that in God’s eyes, she is a sinner.

Park Jung Ja’s death was gruesome, as three demons from the sky appeared and slaughtered her. She was then set ablaze and reduced to ashes. Thousands of people calmly see a person being brutally slaughtered and tortured, which is one of the most frightening and haunting scenes in Hellbound.

The scene also sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with the majority of people praising Hellbound’s content as well as the film’s magnitude and breadth.

Netizens’ comments about this Hellbound scene:

  • This series is very good, the content is also new.
  • This film, in my opinion, is superior to Squid Game. I was completely engrossed in it till the very final episode.
  • I became enraged after seeing this film. But it’s so captivating, I can’t stop watching it.
  • Just finished watching. This series is great, I am looking forward to part 2. However, it is quite violent and dark, consider before watching.
Hellbound Park Jung-ja scene


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