An actress in Netflix’s drama “Hellbound” gets praised for her amazing acting skills

Actress Kim Shin-rok, who plays Park Jung-ja in “Hellbound”, is receiving favorable reviews.

On the very first day of its release, Netflix’s original series “Hellbound” successfully dominated the No.1 spot on the Global Dramas Rankings. According to FlixPatrol’s report on Netflix rankings, the drama “Hellbound”, which was premiered on November 19th, made a hotshot debut by entering the chart reflecting ratings in 24 hours for the first time at No.1. As “Hellbound” is receiving explosive reactions, the viewers also raised their interest in the role of Park Jung-ja.

Hellbound Kim Shin-rok

In this series, Park Jung-jae is a character who carries out a live broadcast to show her trip to Hell in front of her family after receiving a notice of being sent to Hell. Actress Kim Shin-rok was in charge of this role, and she performed enthusiastically to portray the character’s fear and depression. Immediately after the release of “Hellbound“, articles about Kim Shin-rok’s acting skills were spread all over the place on various online communities.

In response, netizens gave explosive reactions, saying, “Her acting skills is so great. I got really immersed in the scenes”, “Her acting is so excellent”, “Her acting in ‘Beyond Evil’ was already impressive. But I love her performance in ‘Hellbound’ even more”, “How could she act this good?”, “I got goosebumps at the ending scenes”.

Hellbound Kim Shin-rok

Meanwhile, “Hellbound” is a drama about the supernatural phenomenon in which people are sent to Hell by mysterious creatures without notice, the emerging religion ‘New Truth Society’ taking advantage of this confusion and people who try to uncover the secret.


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