“Adamas” Ji Sung X Seo Ji-hye, reunite after 12 years… “It feels new”

Actors Ji Sung and Seo Ji-hye expressed their feelings about reuniting after 12 years.

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Adamas” held a press conference online on the afternoon of July 26th. Director Park Seung-woo, Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Soo-kyung and Heo Sung-tae attended the event.

“Adamas” tells the story of twin brothers fighting against evil to unveil the truth behind a murder that happened 22 years ago in order to clear charges of their biological father, who was accused of killing their stepfather.


Ji Sung plays a dual role, the bestselling mystery novel writer Ha Woo-shin and the Central District’s special forces prosecutor Song Soo-hyun, who have identical appearance but opposite approaches in what they do. Seo Ji-hye transforms into Eun Hye-soo, the only daughter of a hospital director, who is said to have grown up as “a flower in a greenhouse”.

Ji Sung and Seo Ji-hye reunited through “Adamas” after MBC’s drama “Kim Su-ro”, which aired in 2010.


Ji Sung said with a smile, “It’s been 10 years since we last met each other. We’ve been healthy and doing well for the past 10 years, so it’s nice to see each other again. It feels new.”

Seo Ji-hye boasted their extraordinary chemistry, “It’s not easy to work with each other twice. It was nice to meet him after a long time. It felt comfortable, and I think there must have been a synergy effect.”


Upon hearing this, Ji Sung praised, “The reaction when we acted together in the past came out. It was so great. But still, standing in front of the camera was Eun Hye-soo. That alluring charm seemed to tell the time. Ji-hye’s appearance was so beautiful.”


Lee Soo-kyung, who plays the local news reporter Kim Seo-hee, revealed that she received advice from Ji Sung. She attracted attention by saying, “He has considerable technical knowledge as well as the perspective of an actor. He helped me from an omniscient point of view.”

Ji Sung made everyone laugh by adding, “The two of us ran hard. Our characters are the ones who have to run a lot.”


Were there any famous scenes or episodes that actors remember? Heo Sung-tae replied, “Ji Sung plays a dual role, but I’ve only met Woo-shin. I think it’d be fun to see the chemistry between Woo-shin and Chief Choi, the friendship between subtle men, and their collaboration towards the same purpose.”

Lee Soo-kyung explained, “The scene where I ran is so memorable. I was in so much pain after filming that scene. I remember it because I ran and filmed for a long time, but I felt like it became a different genre when I monitored it during the break. You can look forward to that scene.”


Seo Ji-hye then said, “There are more scenes I look forward to than the memorable ones. As I filmed inside the mansion, I didn’t meet her often. I wondered how her story would unfold. I guess I’ll have to look forward to it from the perspective of a viewer.”

Ji Sung expressed his affection for the drama, “When it comes to legendary scenes, every scene is a masterpiece to me.”

Seo Ji-hye

Director Park Seung-woo showed his confidence, “When filming a drama, there are some scenes where I put a lot of energy and there are some scenes where I can relax to save energy. However, in this drama, there was never a single scene like that. Each scene was completed with a lot of energy. We’re confident that viewers will enjoy it if we work hard.”

When asked to express “Adamas” in one word, Heo Sung-tae made everyone burst into laughter as he answered, “That guy’s Adamas.” He explained, “I expressed it like that because it’s an important object and I really have to work hard to find it.”

heo sung tae

Lee Soo-kyung said, “I think it’s ‘femme fatale’. All the characters were bent on finding Adamas. It seems like it’s the main character which possessed all these characters.”

Seo Ji-hye raised curiosity by replying, “I think it’s an onion. Secrets keep coming out if you peel it. It seems like an onion-like drama.”


Lastly, Ji Sung asked for attention, “Something like a string. I think that’s the reason why twin brothers can survive. As you can see from the story, there’s a reason why I really need to find that thing.”

Meanwhile, “Adamas” will premiere at 10:30 PM on July 27th.

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