Actors confirmed for the roles of Park Seo Joon and Kwon Nara in “Itaewon Class” Japanese remake 

Actors who lead “Roppongi Class”, Japanese adaptation of K-drama “Itaewon Class”, have been unveiled. 

Actress Araki Yuko has been confirmed to star as one of the double female protagonists of “Roppongi Class”. She will play Kusunoki Yuka (Kwon Nara’s character Oh Soo Ah in the Korean version). Araki Yuko revealed that she was a fan of Itaewon Class, and she felt both happy and pressured to take on this role. 

Talking about her character, Araki Yuko said, “Kusunoki Yuka is a character that constantly deals with anxiety and feelings that can’t be expressed. I hope I can portray her well in my own way. There is a pressure to live up to the original version, but I will work hard to make my acting enjoyable.” She also asked for viewers’ interest in the drama, saying, “Please look forward to ‘Roppongi Class’.”

Actor Takeuchi Ryoma has been confirmed for the male lead role of Park Sae Ro Yi, played by Park Seo Joon in “Itaewon Class.” The chemistry between Takeuchi Ryoma and Araki Yuko promises to attract viewers. At the same time, a character poster of “Roppongi Class” featuring Takeuchi Ryoma and Araki Yuko has been dropped, drawing keen attention. 

Araki Yuko, born in 1993, is a model-turned-actress and she made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2009. Since then, she has appeared in a number of dramas and movies. Regardless of whether she plays a leading role or not, she has successfully strengthened her position as an actress. The most outstanding works in her filmography arey “A Liar And A Broken Girl”, “Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow”, “Code Blue”, and “Anokono Toriko.”

Takeuchi Ryoma, who takes on the role of Park Sae Ro Yi, is evaluated as an actor with both skill and popularity, appearing in successful series such as “Downtown Rocket”, “Ship of Theseus” and “Love You as the World Ends.”

Itaewon Class

As “Itaewon Class” is a drama that has enjoyed great popularity in Japan, attention is also being paid to the casting news of “Roppongi Class.” Actress Yamamoto Maika is said to be likely to take on the role of Jo Yi Seo, played by Kim Dami in the Korean version. In addition, speculation on casting for other characters has continued, proving the high interest in the drama.

“Roppongi Class”, the Japanese remake of “Itaewon Class”, is a joint project between Korea and Japan in collaboration with Kakao Entertainment and Japan TV Asahi. “Roppongi Class” will premiere in July. 

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