3 KPOP girl groups whose all members are well-known to the public: BLACKPINK received mixed responses, an SM girl group is constantly mentioned

Korean netizens recently pointed out several girl groups with all members having high individual brand reputations.

During the past few days, an article was posted on a Korean online community raising a discussion on female idol groups with high individual brand reputation has become a hot topic among netizens. Accordingly, the post’s author listed 3 KPOP girl groups whose all members are well-known to the public. The article described, “In an idol group, there are normally only 1 to 2 members who stand out and receive great attention from the public. However, these girl groups below are too famous to the point that no member is more well-known than the others in their group. In addition, even people who are not KPOP fans can easily say their names. I believe these girl groups are truly successful.”


4 members: Bora, Hyolyn, Soyou and Dasom



4 members: Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri

Famous K-pop Girlgroup


4 members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa

Famous K-pop Girlgroup

The post’s author also added, “Not all groups with few members are famous. There are many other groups with not too many members but didn’t succeed in gaining the public’s recognition. Moreover, I made this list after considering each member’s individual fandom and personal activities.”

Since this article was made only based on personal opinions, other Korean netizens also expressed their disagreement. Lots of people do think BLACKPINK members are all famous, but many others believe this only happens in foreign countries since there are members who are not as famous as the others in the Korea market. Some Knets even pointed out that the public and non-KPOP fans only know Jennie when it comes to BLACKPINK.

Famous K-pop Girlgroup
According to many Knets, 4 BLACKPINK members are famous internationally, but in Korea, muggles only remember Jennie.

In addition, some Korean netizens think that adding Girl’s Day to this list is not right, because compared to Hyeri and Minah, Yura and Sojin are less popular in Korea. Moreover, according to most comments, it is a big mistake to not include SNSD – the “nation’s girl group” with all 9 members having high public recognition.

Famous K-pop Girlgroup
All 9 members of SNSD have high public recognition and outstanding individual activities

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • Where is SNSD? As soon as I read the title, I thought of SNSD.
  • Honestly, I only agree with BLACKPINK, I’m not sure about other groups…
  • I was thinking of SNSD.. The members are all famous individually.
  • For me, Fin.KL for the 1st generation, SNSD for the 2nd generation, and BLACKPINK for the 3rd generation.
  • But what are Sistar and Girl’s Day members doing these days?
  • Other than SISTAR, I don’t know every member of the other 2 groups.
  • But aside from Jennie, I don’t know about other BLACKPINK members.
  • SNSD for the 2nd gen and BLACKPINK for the 3rd gen. It’s true that 3rd gen groups are less popular in Korea than 2nd gen groups, but they’re very well-known overseas.
  • Aren’t the BLACKPINK members the only Korean celebrities with over 50 million followers on Instagram??
  • I think of SNSD and Mamamoo.
  • BLACKPINK members are equally popular, they all have outstanding individual activities.
  • All 3 groups listed here can still spark controversy, only SNSD is popular both domestically and internationally, the members all have high public recognition.
  • When it comes to BLACKPINK, I don’t know anyone but Jennie.
  • I know all the names of SISTAR and BLACKPINK members, but I only know Hyeri and Minah in Girls’ Day.
  • I think of Soshi, but maybe because I’m old… I only know Jennie in BLACKPINK hahahaha~
  • I think BLACKPINK is popular overseas, but muggles in our country only know Jennie.
  • I agree with SISTAR.
  • I know that BLACKPINK has huge popularity overseas, but I don’t think each member is that famous in Korea individually.

And you, which Kpop girl groups do you think have all the members with high public recognition? Please share your thoughts.

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