Hyun Bin to transform into an independent fighter in a new movie called “Harbin”

Actor Hyun Bin will appear in Director Woo Min-ho’s next fim – “Harbin”.

On the morning of November 16th, the production company Hive Media Corp. said, “Based on the completeness and excitement of the scenario and his trust in Director Woo Min-ho, Hyun Bin confirmed his appearance in ‘Harbin’.”

Until now, Director Woo Min-ho has successfully described the turbulent society of Korea in modern times on-screen through various movies, such as “Inside Men”, “The Drug King”, “The Man Standing Next”. Set in the early 1900s in Harbin (a city in China), his new film “Harbin” is a spy-action blockbuster that tells the stories of independence fighters who risk their lives to regain their homeland.

Huyn Bin Harbin

In this movie, Hyun Bin will perform action scenes and portray complex emotions, including the loneliness of a person living in an era in which his country disappears and the anxiety and responsibility amidst the independence movement.

Huyn Bin Harbin

Harbin” will be produced by Hive Media Corp. (“Inside Men”, “The Man Standing Next”, “Deliver Us From Evil”, etc.).The best movie staff in Korea, including Hong Kyung-pyo – cinematographer of “Deliver Us From Evil”, “Parasite”, “Snowpiercer” will also join this project. This heralds the birth of a spy-action blockbuster that goes beyond Korea and across China and Russia. “Harbin” is set to begin filming in 2022.


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