A top star who couldn’t endure the Instagram filter of her 11-year boyfriend

Girls’ Generation Choi Soo-young and actor Jung Kyung-ho have been dating for 11 years. The two have been in a public relationship since 2014.

In the past, Jung Kyung-ho met Sooyoung for the first time through the introduction of an acquaintance. He made everyone laugh by revealing that he wanted to meet her because he was her fan. Jung Kyung-ho showed off his affection by saying that his ideal type is Sooyoung and that she is pretty.

jung kyung ho

But it is hard to find a picture of the two together. It is also difficult to find Lovestagram because they did not post pictures of themselves on each other’s SNS. They only updated their own activities and personal daily lives.

jung kyung ho sooyoung

However, because of Jung Kyung-ho’s unusual SNS, he frequently appeared on online communities. Especially, Sooyoung was not the type to often comment on Jung Kyung-ho’s SNS.

Then one day… Jung Kyung-ho started a strange polaroid filter from the time he starred in “Prison Playbook”, and it was almost plastered during “Life on Mars”. It seems that he used a paid filter, then he stayed quiet for a while without using a filter.

However, his filter reappeared during “Hospital Playlist”. Unbearable acquaintances asked if he had paid for it. Choi Soo-young also could not endure anymore. She left a straightforward comment, saying, “Ha… This filter really…”

The situation is funny to laugh at. Jung Kyung-ho and Choi Soo-young, who are almost like family members due to their 11-year relationship, are still getting along well.

jung kyung ho sooyoung

Meanwhile, Choi Soo-young is active in the drama “If You Wish Upon Me” and the entertainment show “Soshi Tamtam”. Girls’ Generation recently released their 7th full-length album “FOREVER 1” and is actively doing promotional activities as a whole.

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