A series of 4-cut photos of “Street Woman Fighter” dancers at KCON was released, Monika and NOZE did a heart together

The unique photomatic cuts of the dancers who are competing in Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter” have been revealed.

On September 26, a series of photos of “Street Woman Fighter” dancers was uploaded on KCON’s official SNS account. It was a “mass release” of about 20 4-cut photos.

Among them, the picture of Monika and NOZE caught the most attention. The 2 are actually leaders of PROWDMON and WAY B and were rivals on the show.

Street woman Fighter

During the broadcast, Monika once spoke to NOZE with a fierce expression, “Look straight at face. You all have messed up with me.” Although they were opponents on the show, their real life relationship seems to be completely different. The two dancers did the same pose and even made a lovely heart together, giving off a warm vibe. Apart from photos taken with their team members, this combination of 2 leaders impressed everyone.

So, how were other released pictures?


These are the photos of CocaNButter Zsun and Rihey, who are bestfriends. They did the poses as if they were twin sisters.


Honey J also took a set of black and white solo photos. She showed various expressions, captivating the hearts of fans for both her cuteness and charisma.

Just looking at these ones, especially the group photos, we could feel the noisy atmosphere they created.

Their witty expressions are eye-catching.

In response to their photos, netizens gave them many compliments, such as, “It’s interesting looking at these photos”, “I like their these behind-the-scenes cuts”, “All of them are charming.”

Source: Dispatch

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