A scene of “The Red Sleeve” finale makes viewers tear up on the first day of New Year

Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young impress the viewers with their acting skills in the last episode of “The Red Sleeve”.

In the finale of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve”, which was broadcast on New Year’s Day, there was a scene where King Jeongjo (Lee Jun-ho) and Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) break up forever.

Seong Deok-im (Seong Eui-bin), who falls ill while being pregnant, prepares for her last moment. King Jeongjo then rushes over, but Seong Deok-im goes to visit the court ladies whom she is close to.

When Jeongjo asks, “Did you not want to see me?” Seong Deok-im says, “Your Highness, did you really love me? If so, in the next life, if you see me, please pass me by. Let me live the way I wish to in my next life.”

From here, Lee Jun-ho’s acting skills are taken to another level. He holds Lee Se-young’s hand with trembling hands and sheds tears.

Later, when Seong Deok-im closes her eyes, Jeongjo breaks down in tears, “I was wrong”, “Deok-im ah, please don’t go”, and “Don’t leave me.”

the red sleeve junho

The acting performance of both the main leads is full of sadness that brings tears to the viewers’ eyes. This scene gets even more heartbreaking because, in history, King Jeongjo and Seong Deok-im (Seong Eui-bin) broke up after a short time together.

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