Stars with admirable self-improvement: One wakes up at 6 a.m to study English, another hires a live-in teacher

Many celebrities amazed netizens with the great effort they put into improving themselves.

Actress Kim Hee Ae has been studying English for as long as 15 years since 2008. The actress is famous for her strict self-discipline as she wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning and starts her day by listening to EBS Radio. She has also stated that she always prepares and reviews English lectures.

kim hee ae

In particular, Kim Hee Ae also attended an academy at Gangnam Station. Appearing in a video on the Youtube channel of Vogue Korea last month, she said, “The fact that I’m able to do something gives me strength”, revealing her motivation to learn English. She is studying by dividing her studies into three books for writing, listening, and speaking. The actress even revealed that she wants to continue studying even in her 50s.

Actress Lee Da Hae can speak Chinese like a native. Lee Da Hae, who is actively carrying out activities in China, dedicated herself to learning Chinese to enter the Chinese market. Her efforts really paid off. The actress became the first Korean actress to star in a Chinese drama and act in the local language.

lee dae hye

Even after finishing filming, Lee Da Hae continued to learn Chinese enthusiastically. She also holds the authority of a Chinese platform that only two people in Korea have. The approval process for this Chinese platform’s SNS requires fluency in Chinese. In this regard, Lee Da Hae appeared on MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” last year and said, “It’s like a beauty content. Only Choo Ja Hyun and I were qualified”. She even showed off her fluent Chinese skills on the show, drawing keen attention.

There are stars who have started studying to perfectly portray the roles they play in their works. In particular, actors Byun Yo Han and Park Hae Soo have increased immersion by skillfully speaking Japanese in their projects.

byun yo han

Byun Yo Han played the role of Wakisaka, the highest commander of the Japanese Navy, in the movie “Hansan: Rising Dragon”. Here, the actor effortlessly delivered Japanese lines throughout the 129-minute running time. To achieve this, he hired a live-in Japanese teacher. “My Japanese teacher lived in my house. I learned Japanese while living with the teacher”, the actor explained.

Byun Yo Han, who showed off his realistic Japanese and heavy charisma through “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, won a total of 6 trophies, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, the 2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the 2022 Grand Bell Awards, as well as the Popular Star Award at the 31st Buil Film Awards.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Soo also perfectly delivered all his lines in Japanese in the 2023 movie “Phantom”, surprising fellow actor Seol Kyung Gu by his efforts. Park Hae Soo said he practiced with a Japanese teacher as if he was preparing for the Olympics. In particular, he said at the press preview of the movie “Phantom”, “It was very scary to take on a Japanese role (and act in Japanese),” adding, “(but) the character was so attractive. I worked day and night with a Japanese teacher to complete it.”

Source: Naver

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