A Kpop idol who was once as popular as BTS, “I gave up everything and lived in a tiny studio”

A member of an original idol group, who enjoyed great popularity in the past, went through hardships and went bankrupt.

Lee Sang Won, a member of the 1st gen idol group “Sobangcha” (also known as “Firetruck”), which was as popular as BTS, said that he had a hard life.

On September 16th, Lee Sang Won appeared on the YouTube channel “Update Olympics” (literal translation) to disclose his current situation, which fans have been curious about. 

On this day, Lee Sang Won reminisced about the popularity of his old group Sobangcha, which caused an explosive syndrome in the past. 

Sobangcha debuted with the album “Last Night’s Story” in 1987, and immediately drew attention for their unconventional fashion at the time, as well as never-seen-before colorful stage performances. 

lee sang won

According to Lee Sang Won, thousands of fans would gather in front of the apartment where he was staying with other Sobangcha moments. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Sobangcha received as much love as the 3rd gen boy group BTS, who is currently enjoying global popularity.

lee sang won

Although he had such a heyday, Lee Sang Woo shocked everyone by revealing that he suffered from a lot of hardship afterwards.

“While preparing for an album, all sorts of bad things happened. There was this investment, and the album ended up not doing well, so they told me to pay it back”, the former idol said. 

lee sang won

In the end, Lee Sang Won, who was in hot water, had to work days and nights to make a living.

He added, “I have been under pressure or threats about the album for over 10 years, making it hard to work in a business. As the pressure grew stronger, I couldn’t even go on with my daily life.” 

lee sang won

Lee Sang Won, who suffered from an immense amount of stress, ended up declaring bankruptcy, giving up everything and moving to live in a tiny studio room. 

Then, he added, “The house was so shabby that it would be shocking to the general public. Former member Won Gwan and his wife once came to see how I was doing and brought green onion kimchi. I cooked ramen and served it to them.”

lee sang won

Fortunately, it’s not very difficult right now, Lee Sang Won shared.

According to the former celebrity, for 3 years, he worked at a lounge bar run by his younger brother, before saving up enough money to open his own business.

When asked about his earnings, Lee Sang Won revealed, “A month’s sales are 60 million to 70 million won. When things go well, it’s about 80 to 90 million won. However, the net profit is not that huge.” 

lee sang won

Lee Sang Won, who did not lose his bright smile throughout the interview, also confessed, “Honestly, my insides are completely rotten and damaged. But on the outside, I’m always smiling. I’m just handing in there.”

Finally, he thanked the fans of Sobangcha for their passionate love.

lee sang won

“I received so much love, I would like to thank them again”, he said, adding, “I’m living my life to the fullest right now. My dream is to build a good family. Since I have no one now, I hope to create a happy family.” 

Source: insight

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