Lizzo covered BTS’ hit Butter, revealed herself as a VMin couple ‘shipper’

Another “big fan” of BTS, especially “couple” V – Jimin appeared!

Singer Lizzo recently performed a cover of BTS’s popular song Butter on BBC Radio 1. Despite making her debut a long time ago, Lizzo just recently became well-known to the general public after charting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit song Truth Hurts and winning three Grammy Awards at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Ahead of her performance, Lizzo spoke with the show’s presenter, Charlie Hedges, about her choice and what it means to her. “I love this song and love how positive [BTS’s] music is,” she said. “I am singing it around the house anyway so I might as well sing it on the Live Lounge.”

With her powerful voice, Lizzo delivered a different version of Butter. If BTS’ Butter retains its iconic Kpop vibe, Lizzo gave the BTS’ hit a funky new flavor.

BTS fans were particularly taken aback when Lizzo appeared on stage wearing a shirt with a large word VMin on it. VMin is the name of the couple VJimin, which is beloved by many BTS fans.

V and Jimin

However, this is not the first time that Lizzo has publicly “shipped” VMin! About 2 weeks ago, Lizzo posted a tweet asking the audience’s opinion: “I’m in the studio, what should I write about?”. A BTS fan left a comment and got her attention right away: “Perhaps a true friendship? Like what V and Jimin have for example!” Lizzo then impromptu composed a melody about the couple V and Jimin and sang it right in the studio, making fans excited.

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