Smokey eye makeup returns as a trend among Gen 4 female idols (ft. Jang Won Young, Karina, Minji and more)

Smokey makeup for strong self-expression is emerging as a trend among K-pop’s fourth-generation girl groups.

Amid the golden age of girl groups, songs that emphasize self-love and self-confidence are popular. Those kinds of songs are performed mostly by 4th-generation girl groups. Gen 4 girl groups with MZ Generation members are taking the lead in beauty, hair, jewelry, and other women’s fashion trends with huge support from female fans in their 10s to 30s. This is why numerous global luxury brands are also competing to “recruit” girl group members as ambassadors. For example, New Jeans members Minji, Danielle & Hyerin, and LE SSERAFIM Hong Eun-chae are promoting the “hime cut” hairstyle.


A recent interesting fashion trend among 4th-generation girl groups is the return of the Y2K smokey makeup. Through IVE’s full album comeback, Jang Won Young succeeded in transforming her image from a ‘fruity’ and cute visual to a more elegant and sophisticated look by trying smokey eye makeup for the first time.

In the past, various representative idols, such as Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Lee Hyo Ri, used smokey makeup with thick and dark eyeliner to maximize their sexy and chic charms. However, this makeup style is used to give idols a more confident yet cool vibe with lighter eyeliner and shadow.

In particular, aespa also used semi-smokey makeup to enhance the free-spirited high-teen vibe in their comeback with the title track “Spicy” on May 8th. Karina dyed her hair platinum blonde and highlighted her cat eyes with deep smokey eye makeup, receiving explosive responses from fans and netizens.


Also, Minji from NewJeans, who showed a refreshing teenage image with long hair and light makeup during her debut days, recently created an elegant yet mysterious mood with dark smoky eyes.

In fact, this smokey makeup helped new generation girl groups express the concept of encouraging self-love and confidence that is dominating the K-pop market better, and bring about more powerful performances. Despite not being 4th-generation idols, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo have also made headlines globally when they tried various smoky makeups at overseas fashion shows. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon also exudes a completely different atmosphere with her short haircut and dark eyeliner.

An official in the K-pop industry said, “The natural and light makeup used to be trending for a long time as girl groups wanted to highlight their innocent and pure concept. However, recent idols have been singing more songs that emphasize ‘me’ instead of love songs. In addition, idols are also trying to express themselves more intensely and splendidly through fashion. Above all, the Y2K and neutron fashion have captivated MZ Generation again and re-emerged as new trends again.”

Source: Daum

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