“Soo Ah’s father and Dan Ji’s mother are having an affair?”… A shocking guess about “Crash Course in Romance” is spreading online

Some viewers raised speculations about the relationship between Su Ah’s father and Dan Ji’s mother in “Crash Course in Romance”.

A viewer of the drama “Crash Course in Romance” recently drew attention by posting a guess about the relationship between Su Ah’s father and Dan Ji’s mother.

Crash Course in Romance

This person claimed that Su Ah’s father provides all kinds of information to Dan Ji’s mother. They share everything with each other because they’re having an affair.

In fact, Soo Ah’s mother is close to Dan Ji’s mother, but she doesn’t provide any information related to private education to Dan Ji’s mother because she’s greedy. 

Soo Ah’s mother didn’t invite Dan Ji’s mother to the meeting with other mothers of top students in class, but Dan Ji’s mother always got the information from somewhere else and appeared at the meeting.

Crash Course in Romance

In addition, the fact that Dan Ji recently told Hae Yi that she doesn’t look like her mom may be a hint to the affair between Soo Ah’s father and Dan Ji’s mother.

Youtuber “One Minute Topic” also claimed, “Soo Ah’s mother and Dan Ji’s mother recently begin to have a conflict. It seems like the writer is trying to draw a relationship between the two”.

She continued, “If the relationship between Dan Ji’s mother and father is not good or the husband is often absent from home due to his work, Soo Ah’s father may be attracted by Dan Ji’s mother, who is young and pretty”.

Crash Course in Romance

Since Dan Ji’s father has never been mentioned in “Crash Course in Romance”, the speculation of this Youtube is arousing keen attention from viewers.

Under the video, netizens commented, “That can happen. It’s scarier because they are close to each other”, “Dan Ji really looks like Soo Ah’s dad”, etc.

However, some people disagreed, saying “Just let Dan Ji’s mom be a cheerful woman in the neighborhood”, “You’re crossing the line”, etc.

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