A fan changed her mind to attend a family gathering at the last minute to realize her idol all this time was actually… her cousin

The story of this fan and her Kpop idol is like it comes straight out of a K-drama. 

Kpop fans often fantasize about idols and think they are hard to reach. Fans often see idols on stage and find it difficult to meet them personally in real life. But recently, the story of an EXO-L meeting her bias has gone viral again on social media, surprising many netizens. 

Turns out, this EXO’s fan has been a fan of Baekhyun for a long time and had no idea she would meet him at a… big family gathering. She was shocked and asked her mother what Baekhyun was doing there. That was when a shocking truth was revealed to the lucky fangirl: “Baekhyun is your cousin”.

exo baekhyun
A fan met Baekhyun at a family gathering…
exo baekhyun
… and didn’t expect the male idol to be her cousin

Originally, this fan didn’t plan to go to the family gathering, but changed her mind at the last minute and discovered the unbelievable truth: It turns out that the idol she admired for so long is actually her relative. This story is viral because it’s so surreal, as if it comes out of K-drama. Many fans even joked that they would be paying more attention to family gatherings from now on, because who knows, maybe their bias might be related to them.

exo baekhyun
The story of this fan and Baekhyun is considered a miracle
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