Irene and Jenny exchanged their choreography.gif

Red Velvet’s Irene and Black Pink’s Jenny exchanged their choreography on a live music show.

Red Velvet and Jennie both appeared on MBC-TV ‘Music Core’ on Dec 8th. Red Velvet performed ‘RBB’ and while Jennie performed her solo track ‘SOLO’.

However, unlike usual, Jennie posed differently at the beginning of her stage.

She did the pose of a rolling V-sign. Fans recognized this pose as a part of Red Velvet‘s choreography.

Next was Irene.

Irene showed the finger choreography during formation change after her part on ‘RBB’. That is Jennie‘s point dance move in ‘SOLO‘.

Irene and Jennie are known to be close friends. They have been caught holding hands or chatting on the stage at award ceremony.

Source: Dispatch

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