3 Korean actors who became stars overnight only to miserably flop 

Despite playing iconic roles, these Korean actors did not manage to maintain their fame.

While some celebrities took years to become popular, others managed to secure their hit K-dramas pretty early on, and basically earned fame overnight. However, these people lose popularity just as quickly, and their later roles never managed to make lasting impressions.  

1. Kim Joon

Besides familiar names from the F4 of “Boys Over Flowers” such Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Kim Hyun Joong, actor Kim Joon, who played Song Woo Bin, also won over many audiences. Alongside his acting talent, Kim Joon was also behind famous OST songs of “Boys Over Flowers”, including the iconic opening theme “Paradise” and “Wish Ur My Love”. However, just as “Boys Over Flowers” lost its hype, the same happened to Kim Joon, and all his later work became irrelevant. Now, the actor has formed a family and even has a daughter. 

Kim Joon
Kim Joon
The actor’s most recent leading role was in the movie “Friday the 13th: The Conspiracy Begins”. However, this is a small project that gained little attention.

2. Lee Young Ah 

After starring in “King of Baking: Kim Tak Gu”, actress Lee Young Ah basically became a household name across Asia. In the series, the actress transformed into Yang Mi Sun – a baking fanatic who was also super fond of the male lead Kim Tak Gu (played by Yoon Shi Yoon). However, this was Young Ah’s first and only successful work, and all her later projects never attracted the public’s eyes. She last starred in the 2018 series “Love To The End”, before leaving the acting scene altogether. 

Kim Joon
Kim Joon
The actress has now left the entertainment industry to focus on her family. 

3. Seo Min Jeong 

Playing one of the most loved characters in the legendary sitcom “High Kick!”, actress Seo Min Jeong was all the rage back when this series aired. This mega-hit managed to boost many people to stardom, including Hwang Jung Eum and Park Min Young. However, the same didn’t happen to Seo Min Jeong, who suddenly withdrew from acting to get married. 

Kim Joon
Kim Joon
Famous overnight yet Seo Min Jeong quitted her acting career. Now, she only appear on TV shows to talk about her past experiences with “High Kick!” 

Source: K14

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