Seo Ye Ji was picked as the No.1 celebrity whom netizens are curious about due to her silence after the controversies

Korean netizens picked Seo Ye Ji as the star who they are curious about the most because she has not updated anything since her scandal broke out.

Seo Ye Ji

“Exciting Dish”, a website run by the community portal site DCInside and My Celebs, had conducted a poll called “Which celebrity who has remained silent after scandals that you’re most curious about?” for 7 days from the 22nd to 28th of August. On August 30, the final result came out and Seo Ye Ji ranked 1st on the poll.

Seo Ye Ji was No.1 with 583/3391 votes (17.19%). Last April, due to her ex-boyfriend’s gaslighting controversy, she stopped all her entertainment projects. She did reveal her status once 2 months after the suspension of her activities. However, since then she has been staying low even until now, raising the curiosity of fans.

The second place of the poll went to Gil (former Leessang’s member) with 419 votes (12.36%). Gil was embroiled in a drunk driving scandal and was banned from appearing on shows. Last year, he had appeared on a few broadcasts and revealed his situation. However, Gil was once again involved in a controversy over his fellow producer TANK’s private life in February. Gil denied all the accusations and responded that he would take legal action.

April Lee Na Eun ranked No.3 on the poll with 388 votes (11.44%). Lee Na Eun dropped out of all broadcasts because she was involved in a controversy over April’s bullying of their former member Lee Hyun Joo. In June, she posted an explanation on fancafe, but since then, both Lee Hyun Joo and Lee Na Eun didn’t give further statements and left the scandal unanswered. Lee Na Eun went on a hiatus until recently; she liked a post celebrating her 6th debut anniversary, attracting the public’s attention.

Jimin, Shin Jeong Hwan, and Kim Jung Hyun also appeared on the list.


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