“Running Man”: Song Ji-hyo’s shocking announcement after admitting that Kim Jong-kook was her ideal type

“Running Man” Song Ji-hyo announced her ambitious New Year’s plan, heralding a full-fledged “Love Jihyo”.    

Song Ji-hyo’s shocking announcement will be revealed on SBS “Running Man” which will air on Oct 31st.

In this episode, the members will hold a debate on the theme of “Celebrities who are looking forward to next year more”.

Song Ji-hyo said, “Everything is a process of building up, not a one shot one kill. I will try to look for love and work harder. I will do my best in 2022,” she said.

The attention was then focused on whether Kim Jong-kook, who is Song Ji-hyo’s official love line on “Running Man”, exists amid her love and work plans.

Earlier, Song Ji-hyo confessed that she did have feelings for her ideal type Kim Jong-kook during the “Characteristic Western Food Road” race.

When Yoo Jae-suk asked Kim Jong-kook about his past love line and Song Ji-hyo, she angrily replied, “Why do you only ask about his opinion?”

Song Ji-hyo then confessed, “I don’t like (Kim Jong-kook’s past love lines”, showing a jealousy Ji-hyo that the audience has never seen before.

She also talked about how she will soon appear as a totally different her who will break down the walls she has built to hide from the world.

Song Ji-hyo’s shocking New Year’s plans and the jealousy of “Song Ji-hyo-in-love” will be on air at 5 p.m. today (Oct 31st).


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