An SM musician was accused of stealing the lyrics from trainees in the academy

One more SM employee is accused of cheating at work, which greatly affects the image of this company.

JQ is a famous composer and also a famous lyricist at SM.  He composed lyrics of many KPOP hits.  Recently, however, JQ was accused of stealing all the lyrics written by trainees in the music academy, claiming them as his own, and receiving money from companies.

An unnamed source added that there was a ghostwriter behind some K-pop songs, mainly from SM Entertainment. The accuser further revealed that SM’s hit songs, mostly by EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, … and some of the songs from other companies are written by trainees from the academy.

According to some rumors, JQ has a quite close relationship with the Director of the A&R, who had registered his wife’s name as a lyricist for SM’s songs.  Maybe these people have cooperated to deceive SM and other companies.

“I had to pay 300,000 won for the tuition of one month at this music academy and when I received demos of the songs, I  tried to compose the lyrics with all my enthusiasm. If only I knew they would never be recognized as mine.”

A trainee also revealed

JQ was known as the composer for a series of hit hits: Tempo (EXO), Bad Boy (Red Velvet), Way Back Home (SHAUN), Superhuman (NCT 127) … After being accused, don’t know who actually composed this impressive series of lyrics. Currently, SM and other companies have not responded to this issue.

Source: SBS; Images: k14

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