A 2008 Korean film where the actors were all unknown back then, but looking at it now, it’s an “Avengers” cast 

“Our School’s E.T.”, which was released 14 years ago, features a star-studded cast but people only realize it now. 

“Our School’s E.T.” tells the story of Cheon Seong Geun (Kim Su Ro), a PE teacher at a high school that is known to have the highest enthusiasm for education in Korea, as he struggles to become an English teacher while worrying about being fired.

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“Our School’s E.T.” was a failure at box office when it was released in 2008, attracting only 650,000 viewers nationwide. However, despite being considered a flop at the time, it is now being reevaluated as a movie that produced a large number of representative Korean actors. 

Besides the main character played by Kim Su Ro, Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won, Baek Sung Hyun, and Kim Ki Bang appeared in supporting roles as students. Oh Yeon Seo starred as a woman Kim Su Ro has a crush on. Ha Jung Woo, who became a box office star with “The Chaser” in the same year, also had a minor appearance in “Our School’s E.T.”

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An interesting fact is that Lee Min Ho’s part was originally assigned to another actor. However, Kim Su Ro recognized Lee Min Ho’s potential, consulted with the director and convinced him to cast Lee Min Ho. 

Although “Our School’s E.T.” didn’t succeed commercially, the cast who were rookies at the time all enjoyed great popularity shortly later. 

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Moon Chae Won became a star in drama viewership ratings with “Painter of the Wind” and “Brilliant Legacy”, which aired right after the release of “Our School E.T.” in 2008. Park Bo Young rose to stardom with “Scandal Makers”, which hit the theaters at the end of the same year. Lee Min Ho became a top Hallyu star with “Boys Over Flowers” at the beginning of 2009. 

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