Lee Min Ho and Suzy suddenly reunite 5 years after breaking up?

Lee Min Ho and Suzy used to be the ideal couple for around 2 years, but to many regrets, eventually broke up. 

Once considered the ideal couple of the Korean entertainment industry, Lee Min Ho and Suzy recently reunited in a private party, making headlines in various Asian nations. In particular, in a photo of Lee Min Ho and Noh Hee Young – CEO of YG Foods & Entrepreneur, Suzy was said to be standing right behind the famous actor. 

In addition, another photo, said to be Suzy sitting on the same table, right next to Lee Min Ho, was spreaded across the net. Many people also pointed out that CEO Noh Hee Young follows both Lee Min Ho and Suzy on Instagram. 

Lee Min Ho and Suzy confirmed to be an item back in March 2015, followed by Dispatch revealing footage of the two’s romantic trip to Europe. Despite receiving a lot of love from the public, the couple announced their breakup in November 2017. 

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